• Our Vision

    Make smarter business decisions

  • Our Vision

    Achieve profitable business routines

  • Our Vision

    Stay agile and flexible

Strong Focus

E Foqus is an international software company, servicing the worldwide shipping and finance sector, with headquarters in Denmark. We have a strong focus on delivering solutions and consultancy, which make a difference for our customers’ overall agility, competitive situation and bottom line.

Global Company

As a global company, we set high standards for performance and ethical behavior. We want to be judged by how we act, and our reputation is upheld by how we live up to our core values; honesty, integrity and respect for both people and projects. Code of conduct

Valued Employees

Founded in 2000 and present on three continents. Our employees are central to the delivery of our strategy, and we involve them in the planning and direction of their own work. We create a work environment that values differences.

Global Reach

With our corporate office and operating divisions in three countries, E Foqus is strategically positioned to provide product solutions and services to customers worldwide.

We recognize that the world is changing. With this change comes opportunity. The opportunity to be present in emerging markets, the opportunity to work with an indigenous and skilled workforce, the opportunity to better serve our global customers, and the opportunity to leverage the cost benefits of being both an efficient global supplier for our customers and working with a competitive supply base.

We are continuously working to expand our operations globally, specifically seeking opportunities in Europe, Asia and North America, where our long-term partnerships are strong. Offices are located in strategic areas to ensure that we remain close to our customers.