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Foqus Finance is an easy-to-use, contract management solution for leasing and loan businesses. This solution started 20 years ago in cooperation with finance companies in the Nordic countries and has progressed ever since. Foqus Finance meets the needs of your finance operation – creating efficiency and enabling you to stay ahead of the competition. Running on the Microsoft NAV platform, all functions in a finance company's daily workflow are maintainable in this single application, including:

  • Customer relation management
  • Vendor relation management
  • Contract management
  • Schedules and asset management
  • Accounting and general ledger
  • WEB access

The integration and interaction between NAV and Foqus Finance gives your finance company an integrated ERP and leasing system within the same solution. It provides the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive package - backend and frontend
  • Automated processes
  • Customized optimization
  • Easy integration to other systems
  • Functionality of contract from start to finish
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Accessible data for all - any time and any place
  • Minimization of tedious and repetitive tasks

The fully integrated solution results in a fast transformation of data to effective real-time sales and management tools.

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Why choose Foqus Finance

Standard software: 
Foqus Finance is cutting edge standard software and a market leader in Denmark. The benefits of standard software are minimized costs, and the ability to utilize all available standard 3rd party software without losing the ability to modify business critical areas.

Agile platform: 
Foqus Finance gives you the agility to transform quickly to new markets, and new demands, and to implement a flexible and scalable workflow-based business system.

Reduced risks: 
Businesses today simply cannot afford to take an improvised, reactive approach to risk. Implementing standard applications and working with a quality approved vendor using a quality control methodology (ISV) and in-depth industry knowledge will reduce your risk.

Reduced costs: 
Foqus Finance ensures that the total cost of ownership is as low as possible. There is not a single equivelant solution in the world priced as low on customer ownership costs as Foqus Finance. Taking the right project approach and adding the right vendor and applications will lower your initial investment and maximize user adoption and efficiency, securing a lower TCO.

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A wall-to-wall solution for any finance company


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